Sunday, January 25, 2015

Eight Point Civil War "Buckshot" Pin Cushion Project

    I finished it.  I filled my pin cushion with emery.  Almost 2 cups of it.  The pattern is here.  When I decided to use emery to fill it I knew I would have to make little pouches for the emery to put inside the main pieces of the pin cushion.  So I cut my white fabric squares 4 1/4" (just a 1/4" smaller than the main squares).  They worked perfectly.  The only downside to using emery is that the emery settles in the bottom of the pin cushion and the top 1/3" of each piece is kind of empty.   I was surprised at how long it took me to finish this project, but I love it, so it was worth it.

  Here is a picture of all the emery pieces.

Here are the blue pieces filled with the emery pouches.  The blue fabric is a civil war reproduction fabric I bought on line.

All assembled with a yo yo and button top.

View from above with all the octopus arms.