Sunday, January 11, 2015

Embroidery Machine Test Success.

   This morning I completed a successful test of my embroidery machine using my newly acquired supplies of stabilizer and thread.  I did a couple of tests of a small one color heart then I watched the machine stitch out this 25 minute one color design that is pre-loaded in the machine.  I was interested to see if I would run out of bobbin thread on the large design, but I still had lots of bobbins thread left.  Next I have to get my software set up on my computer.  On Friday I did some browsing on the Embroidery Library site and purchased one design and a alphabet design pack which has letters with pretty wreaths around them.   I really enjoyed shopping at the Embroidery Library site and I put a few items in my wish list for later.

   Picture of the machine in action.

   This is the finished embroidery.  It was interesting to see the machine stitched the design in  layers.