Thursday, April 19, 2018

Just Getting Over The Hawaii Jet Lag

   Wow, it's taking me awhile to get over the time difference while I was in vacation.  I finally got some of my things back to normal in the house.  I had to clean up my bedroom because when I went on vacation I moved a bunch of stuff into my bedroom to make room in the rest of the house so the cat sitter wouldn't have to search for the cats.  I also shut my bedroom door and put a do not enter sign on it.  It was one less room that the cats could hide in.  This morning before work I also took time to clean out the winter clothes from my regular closet to move into my storage closet.  I even threw away some old clothes that don't fit anymore.

  Here is the lone hexie flower I worked on while I was flying to Hawaii.  Once we landed I never picked this up again.  On the plane rides back, I was too busy sleeping to do any sewing.  I fell asleep every chance I got.  I slept in airports, on flights and even slept on the car ride back home.

     Here's an old project.  I made this quilt several years ago.  It was gifted to my brother and his wife.  I used some of her favorite colors in the quilt and she loved it.  This is the Sugar Flowers quilt pattern by Jera Brandvig of Quilting in the Rain.  It's a free pattern and you can find it here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Couldn't Resist

   I know I haven't worked on my grandmother's flower garden much.  I did take those made up hexagons to Hawaii with me but I only worked on one flower the whole trip and unfortunately I never had time to finish it.  I'm going to try to break out that quilt this weekend and add to it.

    I really love the grandmother's flower garden but I'm starting to itch to sew something new quilt wise.  So when I saw this charm square set, I couldn't resist.  It's called Home Sweet Home by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda.  It has a Goldilocks and the three bears theme and the colors are beautiful.  Just the right shades of pastels.  I love it.  I bought six packs of these to make a simple quilt top and some yardage to sash the blocks with.  I should have enough charm squares to make up blocks for the back as well.  I may not start this until I finish the hexagon quilt top but I know it's waiting for me and that may be enough to get me going on the flowers.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Souvenir Fabrics

  I have just returned from vacation.  I was treated to a trip to Hawaii by my daughter for my sixtieth birthday.  She rented a condo on the beach at Kona and an SUV.   We drove all over the island looking at sites.  We went to Volcanoes National Park and spent six hours hiking and having lunch at Volcano House.  We went to a black sand beach.  We drove to Hilo to see the Lyman House, Akaka Falls, and Rainbow Falls.  We went to a luau at the Marriott in Kona.  We swam at the beach at Hapuna State Recreational Area and we went star gazing on Mauna Kea.  It was a beautiful trip.  She even made time for us to do a little fabric souvenir shopping in  Honokaa at a little shop called Too Stitch. Here are my finds.  I bought two yards of each of these. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Reminiscing and Making

    One day about five or six years ago when I was just getting into quilting, I started to recall my very first real sewing project in my seventh grade home economics class.  I never had any formal sewing instruction before and I had never used a real electric sewing machine, I had only sewn little doll projects with a needle and thread by hand and they were not pretty.  I was a very eager student, and even though my projects were not perfect, I was always happy with my makes and I would wear them.  I took sewing in place of cooking whenever I could.  I only took cooking one semester and it was because the school made me take it.

    The teacher was starting from scratch with most of us and she had a genius half apron pattern that was made with gingham fabric that she taught us.  I can't recall what size gingham it was, I want to say it was 1/4".   We were told to buy a certain amount of fabric in whatever color 1/4" gingham we wanted.  I remember I picked out a lovely lavender color. 

    To make the pieces for the apron we measured by counting squares of the gingham.  It was a one size fits all pattern.  It was super simple and all the students had a finished apron at the end.  It was a easy way to learn how to cut pieces for a pattern. then the teacher could concentrate on teaching us how to use a sewing machine to sew our pieces together.  I have looked on the Internet for an apron pattern like it but I can't find anything.  Darn it.

     I was so nostalgic for that project, that I decided to create my own half apron loosely based on that gingham pattern.  I cut a large rectangle of fabric for the skirt, large enough to gather it up to give it some flow and make it feminine.  Then I cut three long narrow rectangles about 6 inches wide for the waistband and ties.  I even put a patch pocket on it.  I ended up using every inch of the piece of this fabric I had.

     I thought this dachshund fabric was the cutest.  It was designed by M'Liss Rae Hawley.  It was about this time that I learned a very valuable lesson about designer fabrics and that is once a design of fabric runs out, it will probably never be available again.  That was a sad realization, because sometimes I find fabric that I want to make into everything so now when I find a fabric that I love I try to buy enough to make bags/potholders/towel toppers or whatever else and also have enough to add into scrap quilts so I don't feel deprived.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Stained Glass Effect

  I found this picture of the Big Star Quilt.  I had pinned it up on my sliding glass door and I love the stained glass effect I got with the sun and all the colors of the quilt top.

Call Her By Her Name

    I decided on the perfect name for my Singer Serger a few weeks ago.  She is now known as Dolly.  I love musicals and "Hello Dolly" is one of my favorites.  This machine is just as sassy and lovable as the main character in that movie.  I have had a couple of problems with threading her but it was all operator error.  Once I figured out exactly how to thread her correctly, it was all good and she works great.   I have a light grey thread running through her right now and it works for everything I'm doing at the moment.

    I spent the last couple of days putting a three thread rolled hem on the scarves I made a few weeks ago.  Originally I put a narrow rolled hem on them with my sewing machine (without a rolled hem foot because I like to live dangerously) but I wasn't happy with the finished product, it wasn't very neat and it needed to be fixed.  So I fixed them.

     See my lovely scarves now.  In the first picture you can see the beautiful three thread rolled hem I did on Dolly.