Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hearts Galore

   I am officially finished making Valentine's Day crocheted hearts.  I pulled out my yarn stash and found some other colors other than the bright pink to make these hearts.  I even found some leftover red wool yarn.. 


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Crochet Hearts for Valentine's Day.

   I found a crochet tutorial on youtube that I really like to make pretty hearts.  The tutorial is easy to follow as well.  It takes about 22 minutes to make a heart using the tutorial.  Here's a link to the tutorial I used:  Crochet Heart Video Tutorial

     You can use any weight yarn or thread and a hook size to match the material.  I used some pink Red Heart Acrylic yarn that I had leftover from a previous project (worsted weight) with a size G crochet hook.

    I think these hearts would be pretty with a picot edge.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Additions To My Christmas Fabric Collection

    I found these at Marshall Dry Goods.  I bought one yard of each.  These will make great napkins and potholders for next Christmas.   

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Chistmas Fabric Collection

     I’m starting a collection of Christmas fabric.  I’ve never had a really big Christmas fabric collection because when I needed Christmas fabric I would buy just enough and use it up.  But now that I’m expanding my Christmas sewing to include pillow covers, napkins, and potholders, it’s time to have a collection for Christmas sewing.   I found some really cute fabrics this year and I’m also including the pieces of pretty homespun that I bought to make the tree and wreath ornaments this year. 

     This collection will be stored in its very own container so I can find them during the year when I get an urge to work on Christmas 2018 ornaments, pillow covers, hanging kitchen towels, napkins, or potholders for the holiday. 

    And I'll definitely be shopping for more Christmas fabric throughout the year to add to my collection.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Review - Mini Hi-Temp Glue Gun

I bought this glue gun from  I couldn't resist the colorful plastic cover on this gun, it's awesome. 

I've used this glue gun three times in the last couple of weeks.  It gets hot very quickly (within 8 minutes) and the glue flows very nicely when the trigger is pressed.  I noticed that the glue gun does not drip when I'm not using it which is nice because that will save a little bit of glue.  The stand is actually molded from the plastic (not one of those wire stands) and it works very well.  This tiny glue gun fits in a plastic pencil box along with the 30 mini glue sticks.

Easy Christmas Tree Decorations

    I found these cute Christmas tree ornaments on Facebook and made three to give to my dear daughter.  Here is the link to a similar tutorial made with scrap ribbon.  Link to fabric Christmas trees. 

     I made mine a little different.  I used a dowel that I cut up into three different sizes.  I filed the ends of each piece to round off the edges caused by the cutting.  I painted the dowel stick, then I cut up 1.5" wide strips of fabric into 8" long pieces and I also used some green ribbon I had.  I tied the fabric to the dowel and trimmed it into a triangle.  I found the wooden stars at Michaels and painted them with some silver glitter paint I had.  I glued the star to the top and added a piece of twine for hanging. 

    These were easy and fun to make.