Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blue Wallhanging

   I bought this kit from an ebay seller last year.  The pattern for the table runner was actually stars made with a 9 patch and the points were supposed to be made with half square triangles.  Unfortunately, all the pieces for the pattern were all pre-cut and they cut all the squares the same size which did not work for half square triangles making the points of the stars.  The half square triangles came out too small.  So I changed the pattern and just ran the white gold fabric around the nine patches I started.

    I made this to hang on the wall in my living room.  My favorite part of this project is the quilting.  I did something I haven't done before which was pretty easy for a small project.  I drew a simple flower pattern on tissue paper.  One thing I can draw is a simple flower.  The flower is the size the block that makes up the runner, there are three of them, each block is separated by sashing,  I pinned the tissue paper where I wanted it and free motion quilted the flower in each block.  I had a good time doing it and it came out pretty good.

   I quilted the sashing and the borders with a wavy vine and some pointy leaves on each end.  Easy to do and worked great.

   My quilting buddy, Taffy Morgana, loves it.  She said, "Nice work, Mom!"

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mini Snail Trail Blocks On My Mini Quilt Hanger

  I almost forgot to post a picture of the minis on the mini quilt hanger.  I put a border on the mini snail trail blocks then I sewed them both together without batting.  This is the second set of mini snail trail blocks I made.  I tried to quilt the first set together and it didn't work at all, so I kept these unquilted.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beaded Stilettos

      I finally found my turkey lacer skewers at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday while I was out and about.  We have a Michaels store in the same shopping center so I thought I could find some beads there.  They must be in the process of re-organizing or deleting their bead section because it was gone except for a few packages on the end of the aisle.  I didn't like what was out so I went to JoAnn's this morning and found beads.

    Here are the beaded stilettos I made for myself.


   I'd like to make more of these using a better glue and a longer skewer.  I used Aleenes Metal and Jewelry glue, which is like a super glue.  These skewers were kind of short and when you put big beads on them you don't have a lot of skewer left.

   Just in case you are wondering, my friend contacted me about the Singer 401A sewing machine and she wants it back.  We just have to find a day and time to meet halfway and I'll give it back to her.  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Elsie, the Singer 401A

   I received Elsie from a friend about 4 years ago who asked if I wanted it and I immediately said yes.  I love vintage sewing machines.  This machine has a lovely history.  My friend's mother bought it new in 1959 with inheritance money from her father's estate.  She made dresses for her four daughters with it and my friend learned to sew on it and made her own clothes until she graduated High School.

   While we were loading the machine into my car, my friend say that I should never sell it.  If I ever wanted to get rid of it, I should contact her so she could take it back.  I agreed.  

    At the time my friend gave Elsie (I named her after my friend's mother) to me, she was moving in with her daughter and downsizing.  The machine was out of its cabinet, (the cabinet was taken as a piece of furniture by a family member, whereabouts unknown) kind of moldy, missing the power cord, with rusty attachments.  I had the machine serviced, bought a new power cord, and cleaned up the attachments.  But I never really bonded with the machine.  I used it about 3 times.  I think the reason I never bonded with the machine is because it was never completely mine.  It always belonged to my friend.

   So I emailed my friend today and told her I needed to get rid of this machine for space and I would gladly meet her halfway (about 100 miles) and give it back to her.  I haven't had a response to my email yet.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mini Snail Trail Blocks

I finally made some mini snail trail blocks for my mini quilt stand.



Quilt Ladder Project

   I bought the supplies to make this quilt ladder a couple of weeks ago.  Using the instructions from this  A Beautiful Mess, I made it to store the quilts that I made.

My supplies:

  2 -  1" x 2" x 6' pine boards ($3.25 each)

  3 - 3/4" x 48" round dowels I'm making five rungs 20" long so I only needed 2 1/2 of these ($8.94)

  1 - 3/4" Forstner drill bit ($9.97)

  1 bottle of Elmer's Carpenter glue ($1.98)

Total  $27.39 (without state sales tax)

       I had a little trouble getting my drill to work.  I called in my dear daughter for help and we finished drilling the holes yesterday.  I sanded and set it up this morning for this picture.  I still have to stain it and I'm calling it done.  I have plans to make a couple of more for myself and dear daughter wants one or two.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Old and New Tools

      Beaded Stilettos

      I love seeing the pretty beaded stilettos that are being swapped on the Quilting Board.  I got one in a swap a couple of years ago.  I usually use a bamboo double pointed knitting needle as a stiletto because I have a ton of these.  I also have these porcupine quill that I bought because they are so pretty.  I don't always use a stiletto when I'm sewing, but I should.  I moving my stiletto collection to my handy tool box that I keep by the machine.

     Here's my stiletto collection.  


      And guess what?  I found a tutorial on how to make beaded stilettos at this link. and I'll be adding that idea to my projects list.

    Wooden Ruler Holder

     I just got this cool wooden ruler holder from a seller on etsy.  I've been wanting one for a couple of years, but I needed so many things, it always got pushed to the end of the list.


   Mini Quilt Frame

    I had to have this mini quilt frame.  I bought it from Connecting Threads.  I like the scrolly feet and the wavy pattern all the way around the frame.  So cute.  The piece that is draped on the frame is my attempt at a mini quilt that I make last week but I don't love it.  Yesterday while I was reading quilt blogs I found a tutorial to make a small 5" snail trail block, (link here) and I'll be pulling fabrics for that soon. My mini quilt frame deserves something pretty on it.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Time To Start A Knitting Project

    So I bought some red and white yarn a couple of weeks ago.  I'm going to make myself a Santa hat.  I made one a few years ago and gave it away in a Christmas swap.  I really wish I had kept it.  I don't think it was appreciated.  So I'm going to make one just for me.  I'll be using Wool of the Andes yarn that I bought from  I love Wool of the Andes yarn, it comes in a great selection of colors, it felts well and it's cheap.  I bought three skeins of red and one skein of  white to make my hat.

    Here is a picture of the hat I gave away.   This one was started with 100 stitches and I knit a 3 x 2 rib section in white for about 3 inches. I'll be using 16" size 8 circular needles to start.  This one was a  little too big (you can see how big it is with the white section on the neck of the head model) so I'm going to reduce that number of ribbing stitches to 80.  The red section is knit in stockinette stitch, and I reduce the number of stitches every 7 or 8 rounds.

Felted Wool Pin Cushions

   I made more wool pin cushions last year and I'm just getting around to giving them away on the Quilting Board.  These pin cushions are a big hit with my quilting buddies.  I posted the give away last night about 8:00 p.m. and these pin cushions are already spoken for.

    I got the idea to make these from making wool dryer balls.  The only difference is I try to wind the pin cushions flatter so they will sit and not roll around.   Here's how I make them.  I wind up 100% wool yarn (I used Wool of the Andes bulky yarn from for these) into a ball then I start to tighten the yarn and I squeeze the ball flat while I'm winding and I continue to wind until I get a ball about as big as a tennis ball or so.  I secure the end of the yarn by threading a big needle and running it through the yarn ball a few of times.  The yarn ball is put inside an old knee high stocking or you can use a tube sock (you can get about 6 balls of yarn in one knee high).  I like using a knee high because I can see how much the yarn is felting.  Make sure you knot the knee high or sock next to the yarn ball to keep it secure, this keeps it from unraveling.  I wet the whole thing or you can also put it in a load of wash, the soap is supposed to help with the felting process and I pop it into the dryer for several cycles.  It takes about 2 hours to get the yarn to felt.  The balls won't be anywhere near dry so I let them dry out for a couple of days then I remove the knee high.  The wool yarn grabs the fabric of the knee high and you have to peel it off the yarn ball, but it does come off.  Then you have a fun wool pin cushion.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pretty Mini Quilt Stand

      I just had to have this little quilt stand I found at Connecting Threads.  It's super cute and I can't wait to make a mini quilt to hang on it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Sewing Notions Tool Box

   This tool box is my favorite place where I stash miscellaneous notions like my extra scissors, old broken sewing machine needles (they are in the orange pill bottle), my seam rippers, new sewing machine needles, serger tweezers, porcupine quill stillettos,  sewing machine brush, a tracing wheel, measuring tape, silicon finger protectors, needle threaders, and a couple of seam gauges.

   My favorite part of this tool box is the accordion trays that open up but they stay on the box, you don't have to lift them out.  I can't find a tool box like this anymore.  I wish I had three more just like it for various sewing supplies.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Crocheted Flowers on Brown Fabric

      So I crocheted these flowers a couple of months ago and last week I finally finished this project.  Not exactly as I had envisioned it.  I had a really hard time figuring out what fabric I wanted to put the flowers on and I ended up with this brown fat quarter that I pulled out at the start of the project.   I hand sewed the green buttons I bought especially for this project into the quilt sandwich to secure the flowers and I free motion quilted around each flower to give it some stability.  I'm planning on hanging this somewhere, I just can't decide how to hang it.  It will sit for a few months while I think about it.

    I'm working on making a quilt ladder and I have to start a new fabric project.