Sunday, April 19, 2015

Quilt Ladder Project

   I bought the supplies to make this quilt ladder a couple of weeks ago.  Using the instructions from this  A Beautiful Mess, I made it to store the quilts that I made.

My supplies:

  2 -  1" x 2" x 6' pine boards ($3.25 each)

  3 - 3/4" x 48" round dowels I'm making five rungs 20" long so I only needed 2 1/2 of these ($8.94)

  1 - 3/4" Forstner drill bit ($9.97)

  1 bottle of Elmer's Carpenter glue ($1.98)

Total  $27.39 (without state sales tax)

       I had a little trouble getting my drill to work.  I called in my dear daughter for help and we finished drilling the holes yesterday.  I sanded and set it up this morning for this picture.  I still have to stain it and I'm calling it done.  I have plans to make a couple of more for myself and dear daughter wants one or two.

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