Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beaded Stilettos

      I finally found my turkey lacer skewers at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday while I was out and about.  We have a Michaels store in the same shopping center so I thought I could find some beads there.  They must be in the process of re-organizing or deleting their bead section because it was gone except for a few packages on the end of the aisle.  I didn't like what was out so I went to JoAnn's this morning and found beads.

    Here are the beaded stilettos I made for myself.


   I'd like to make more of these using a better glue and a longer skewer.  I used Aleenes Metal and Jewelry glue, which is like a super glue.  These skewers were kind of short and when you put big beads on them you don't have a lot of skewer left.

   Just in case you are wondering, my friend contacted me about the Singer 401A sewing machine and she wants it back.  We just have to find a day and time to meet halfway and I'll give it back to her.  

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