Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Old and New Tools

      Beaded Stilettos

      I love seeing the pretty beaded stilettos that are being swapped on the Quilting Board.  I got one in a swap a couple of years ago.  I usually use a bamboo double pointed knitting needle as a stiletto because I have a ton of these.  I also have these porcupine quill that I bought because they are so pretty.  I don't always use a stiletto when I'm sewing, but I should.  I moving my stiletto collection to my handy tool box that I keep by the machine.

     Here's my stiletto collection.  


      And guess what?  I found a tutorial on how to make beaded stilettos at this link. and I'll be adding that idea to my projects list.

    Wooden Ruler Holder

     I just got this cool wooden ruler holder from a seller on etsy.  I've been wanting one for a couple of years, but I needed so many things, it always got pushed to the end of the list.


   Mini Quilt Frame

    I had to have this mini quilt frame.  I bought it from Connecting Threads.  I like the scrolly feet and the wavy pattern all the way around the frame.  So cute.  The piece that is draped on the frame is my attempt at a mini quilt that I make last week but I don't love it.  Yesterday while I was reading quilt blogs I found a tutorial to make a small 5" snail trail block, (link here) and I'll be pulling fabrics for that soon. My mini quilt frame deserves something pretty on it.

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