Saturday, January 17, 2015

# Union Jack Block Fun On A Holiday Weekend #

       I have been wanting to get a paper piecing pattern for the Union Jack block.  I love the Union Jack quilts people are making in the pastel colors.  I lucked out and found this free pattern on Craftsy.   Here's the link to the pattern page. 

     So instead of working on one of the projects on my ever growing list, I took some time and made this block to use as a decoration in my bedroom.  It nice to get a project done to make up for the bathmat fail I had last week.  This block is 12" x 18" finished.   I'm going to sandwich it, quilt it and hang it in the bedroom.

  Next, I'm going to cut the squares for my Civil War Buckshot Pin Cushion project.  I ordered the emery sand to fill it yesterday.