Friday, December 5, 2014

My Project To Do List Updated


Make my Irish Chain quilt in pink, green and white. You only need to order batting after top is complete. (I will start cutting fabric this weekend for this project).

Start the hand embroidery project “Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman With A Sewing Machine.”   Get white fabric from stash, get a brown  Pigma pen and choose your embroidery floss colors before you start.

Make more pin cushions with small embroidery hoops (you have all the materials to finish these).

Make collapsible thread catcher with the 4” embroidery hoop you just ordered from Amazon.

Make a blue dog harness for Wolfgang.

Use hexagon punch you bought from Amazon to make papers for English Paper Piecing project.

Start crocheting a granny square afghan in pink, green and white for your bedroom.  You have lots of ideas posted on Pinterest board for inspiration.

Recover large ironing board with solid fabric that does not bleed.

Make new curtains for bedroom, living room, and dining room.  Use 108” backing fabric.

Learn how to cross stitch with small kits you bought.

Use pattern to make Gadget Girl sewing kit bag with vinyl pockets.  You have the pattern.

Print slipper pattern to make slippers.  You have the .pdf on your computer.

Make a new purse using bow tuck pattern you have or using the video tutorial by Debbie Shore.


I love this list.  These are all projects just for me.