Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Holy Pin Cushions, Batman!

   I'm sure Batman would not find pin cushion patterns as interesting and fun as I do, but I'd like to think Robin would.  

   So, I'm finding more pin cushion projects to make.  Here is the link to a new cute birdie pin cushion pattern.  I'm adding this to my to do list.  

     I've also been thinking about making an Eight Pointed Civil War Buckshot pin cushion for a while.  That pattern link is here.  This has the shape of an octopus to me and is super cute.  I love the history behind it.  I bought a half yard of Civil War reproduction blue fabric this morning for this project but instead of buckshot, I'm planning to use emery sand in it.

  Here's the fabric I bought from the Fat Quarter Shop for this project.  I only need to order my emery sand from Amazon.