Saturday, December 27, 2014

Knitted Hat - Done

      I finished knitting my hat this afternoon.  Those last rows went by very quickly.  Here is a picture of the hat after I had done 4 of the decrease rows.  There are 60 stitches left on the needles (30 on the pink set and 30 on the gold set).  The needles I used are 29" size 8 Boye Circular knitting needles, one pair in pink and one pair in gold.  I'd like to say that I planned the different colors to keep the sides straight, but I didn't, those were the only colors available in that size at either JoAnns Fabric Store or Walmart (can't remember which one).
      By the way, I learned to knit with two circulars from a Youtube video done by Cat Bordhi.  Ms. Bordhi is a very well known knitter/teacher and she has a lot of videos on Youtube.  This is the link to the first part of the video.  Link to Video Here.

Here is a picture of the last 5 stitches left to weave the end through to secure them (you can almost see the sparkly bits in the yarn in this picture) and a picture of the hat finished with both ends woven in, ready to wear.  I had just a little bit of yarn left at the end.  

   Time to find a new project to work on while I wait for my batting.