Monday, December 29, 2014

Fabric Shopping For A Christmas Quilt

       I don't have a Christmas quilt.  I decided the day after Christmas that I need a Christmas quilt.  To make a Christmas quilt, I need Christmas fabric, so I went fabric shopping.  I was hoping that the Christmas fabric would be on sale, but I didn't find a lot that I liked and it wasn't on sale.  I finally found fabric I loved that had a great price.  I bought a 42 piece 10" layer cake from an etsy seller for $29.95.  The line is called "Rejoice" and look at the birds.  So pretty.  


     For the back I'm going to use some leftover charm squares from the Blitzen line.  This is the only Christmas fabric I have in my stash.  I'll sew these 36 charm squares into four patches and that will give me 9 four patches.  I know this will not be enough to complete the back, so I had to go fabric shopping one more time.  I went to my favorite on line store, Connecting Threads, and decided on the Mirage in silver lining colorway, which will go great with the Blitzen charm squares.  I'll alternate the four patches with the silver fabric to make the back.  


     Once I get the top and back finished, I'll  have to decide on my binding fabric.  I thought I was going to  use the silver/grey, but I really think I need a red for the binding and in that case, I can do some more fabric shopping when I'm ready to work on the binding.

    This new project throws my crafting to-do list all out of wack.  I hope to get back to my list once I get the Pretty in Pink quilt finished in a couple of weeks.  My batting for the pink quilt should be arriving today or tomorrow.  Yeah.