Monday, April 11, 2016

My Favorite Market Bag Made From Cotton Yarn

    I found a lovely market bag pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn website a few years ago and made one to give away to a family member.  The patterns was really easy and I've been wanting to make one for myself because I love the shape of the bag an the handle.  I finally made it last Saturday.

   This is a free pattern but in order to get the pattern you have to create a free login on the Lion Brand Yarn website.  There are several market bag patterns on the site and this one is just called Market Bag and has one center handle.  On the website this bag is pictured in a dark blue yarn.

    I used Peaches and Creme Cotton Yarn in the Ivy League colorway that I bought at Walmart on Saturday morning.  I bought a cone of 706 yards for under $10.00.  You need approximately 360 yards of yarn to make one bag according to the pattern.  I probably have enough yarn leftover to make a little smaller version of the bag.  

   I always hand wind my yarn into balls before I start a project.  This gives me a chance to check the  yarn for joins and imperfections before I start my project.  This process also ensures that I won't run into a big yarn tangle at the end of a skein while I'm working which can be quite frustrating for me and really doesn't help me finish my project.    

   Here's my new market bag.

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