Friday, March 6, 2015

Teddy Bears and Rag Dolls

       I have a teddy bear making supply stash.  Here is mohair to make 4 bears and also disks for joints for those bears.

I bought this mohair about 13 years ago and every time I see it I think about making bears and then I move on to something else.  I like making teddy bears, it's fun.  These mohair fat quarters are just enough material to make this bear:

    Thinking about bears got me to thinking about rag dolls.  I was looking at rag doll patterns on etsy the other day and I found a couple of indie patterns that I liked, but then I found this McCalls pattern that I loved because it includes a doll, a cat, a bear, a bunny, Uncle Sam, and clothes to cover them.  This is perfect for me.   I also found a cool YouTube video series that shows how to sew a rag doll, paint the face and make the hair from yarn.  I probably won't be painting the face, but I will try my hand at embroidering the face.  Rag dolls will be fun.


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