Friday, March 20, 2015

All the Lovely Thread, Lots and Lots of Thread

         I have a collection of all purpose thread in these boxes.  This thread collection goes back a few years.   When I was making clothes and home decor projects this was the only thread I ever bought.  All purpose thread has the best variety of colors.

       This is my cotton collection for quilting.  This container is supposed to be storing a knitting or crochet project, (it's called a Yarntainer by snapware) but I'm not really doing any knitting or crocheting these days, so I put these cotton thread spools in it this morning.  It's perfect, the container is round and clear making it so easy to find my thread.  I'm sure my cotton thread is happy in its cool round home.

          Look at this, 180 little spools of polyester thread for my embroidery machine that I purchased in January after I got my embroidery machine.  I keep it in this big plastic box because I have cats, but I'd like to organize it.  It would be nice to put it in clear boxes like my all purpose thread.  That would cost me a bunch of money.  I'm still looking for other ideas for storing this thread.  I'm not  even going to show you a picture of the box of prewound bobbins I bought for the embroidery machine.  There are 144 beautiful bobbins full of white polyester thread for embroidering.

     My serger thread collection only contains four spools of grey that I bought when I got the machine and they stay on the machine.  I never got around to buying more because I don't use my serger as much as I thought I would.

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