Monday, March 23, 2015

Finally, The Vinyl Project Is Underway

       I finally got going on my vinyl pouch project.  I made this huge vinyl pouch.  I don't know why I made it so large, but it's perfect to hold the fabric for a future quilt project I'm planning.  My favorite part of this pouch is the ruffle.  This was fun to make and since I have never sewn with vinyl before it was a new experience.

       I used my new teflon presser foot (fits the Singer XL 3400) to make this pouch.  I bought the teflon foot a few weeks ago and I'm glad I spent the $6.37 for it.  I was really worried it wouldn't work as well as I needed it to because it doesn't look like much but it worked fine.  The process isn't perfect because you still  have to put tape or something on the metal of the needle plate to keep the vinyl from sticking, but the scotch tape helps a lot.  I did have a few instances of the scotch tape coming off the needle plate and sticking to the vinyl and the machine coming to a dead stop, but I was able to work that problem out.

      I have a little bit of vinyl left to make a couple of smaller pouches and I will also be making the Gadget Girl Tool Kit pattern which includes vinyl pockets with zippers in the future.

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