Saturday, March 21, 2015

Charity Research

      Yesterday I took the time to research a military charity I was interested in donating to.  They are supposed to be helping active duty military and veterans.  My donation is not large, but I did want to see what this charity was up to and I found all the information I needed on their website.  I looked at their annual report and I saw that they hold $185 million in assets.  All of that money was listed as some type of investment or investment income.  That's a lot of money to hold in reserve.  I also noted that a lot of the donations they receive are from active duty military, like payroll deductions.

    Their website said that in 2014 they collected $5.4 million in donations and disbursed $16.9 million in aid in 61,000 cases.

     I'm sure what was disbursed was helpful to the people who received it, but just think how many more people they could help if they doubled that $16.9 million or even tripled it without a thought for their reserve.

    I'm still looking for a charity to donate to.  I know I won't find the perfect charity that disburses 100% of it's donations but I think any assets listed should be less than $10 million.

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