Friday, February 13, 2015

The Back Of The Christmas Quilt Is Done

   I finished the back of the quilt tonight.  I managed to have just enough of the light grey fabric to make this.  I don't know how I did it because when I bought the grey fabric I had no idea what size the top was going to be.  I probably couldn't get this lucky again.  I say lucky, because the grey fabric that I bought to make this side is not available now.  I was told this fabric would not be back in stock until mid-March.

Here is the back of the Christmas quilt.

   I ordered the batting for this quilt today.  I should have that in about 10 days.  So this quilt will not be finished until March.    While I'm waiting for the batting I can work on a few other projects.  I want to do some machine embroidery (I have a couple of St. Paddy's Day designs for dish towels), some vinyl pouches, and a tote for a birthday present.  Maybe I'll get my buttons to finish my pink flower wall hanging.  I also have an idea for a pink granny square pillow cover.

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