Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just What I Need, More Organization

      I found another area of my life that needs a tiny bit of organization.  I will be keeping a car maintenance diary of all my car repairs for my new 2015 Kia Soul that I purchased last August.  I usually just keep my receipts in a file in date order for the current car I own and I keep those receipts for as long as I own that vehicle.

    I would love a place where I could look at the maintenance history at a glance instead of digging through receipts, so I am going to keep a diary for my maintenance on this car on the computer.  I will create a document in Notepad showing the date, cost, description, and where the maintenance was performed.  I will also make a note of the reason for the maintenance, i.e., routine or collision.  I normally have all my routine maintenance performed at the dealership so that's an easy one.

    Yesterday I had car maintenance done in the parking lot of my work address which was pretty cool.  I had to have the windshield replaced on my new baby because there was a big crack in it.  I heard something hit it last Friday while I was out running errands at lunch.  The crack showed up on Saturday .  I called the insurance company getting the paperwork started for having it replaced on Saturday afternoon.  I live in a state that has free windshield replacement as long as you carry comprehensive insurance on your vehicle.  My insurance company uses Safelite to do this work and Safelite has a mobile unit.  They will come to your work place to do the work in the parking lot so you don't lose any work time.  It's a neat service, the only drawback to this is that the weather has to be clear, they don't do this work in the rain, unless you have access to a parking garage or a covered area.  I was worried because I woke up to rain this morning, but it cleared up about an hour before Safelite was due to arrive.  Boy, was I lucky today.

   I'm starting my car maintenance diary now.