Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Upgrading My Front Flower Beds

  I have three flower beds in my front yard.  There is a short one on the right side of the front steps as you are looking at the house, there is a long bed on the left side of the steps as you are looking at the house and there is a circular bed I created in the center of my tiny front yard.  The long and short flower beds consist of loropetalum bushes in the back against the skirting of the house, then the Knock Out rose bushes, and the border plants are liriope.

The short bed.  It's really hard to see six rose bushes in this bed, but they are there.

The long bed.

The round bed.

    A few years ago I expanded my long front flower bed out about 3 feet so I could make room for more Knock Out Rose bushes.  I love Knock Out Roses and they do very well in my sandy soil.  I really enjoy the flowers and my plants flower from April until well into November.  In the process of expanding my front flower bed I had to relocate all the liriope plants.  It was a pain and I didn't quite finish the job.  I left 5 liriope plants in their original spots and I finally moved them the other day.

   This is the placement for the new plants.  I wasn't sure I could fit all ten of the roses in this section, but I made it.

   Here they are in their new home.  Some of the new plants are interspersed with older plants so I marked them with a white piece of fabric to make it easier to find them while I water them in the next six months.

    My next gardening project will be moving some of the plants in the circular bed to make some room for more rose plants.  I have three drift roses spread out in too large a space, they are circled in the picture below.  I will be moving two of the drift roses closer to the one in the center so I can add more Knock Out roses in this bed.  Wow, I didn't realize how really bad my grass looks.  That will be a project for next year.  I don't like to mow anyway.


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