Monday, May 9, 2016

Time For More Fabric To Make New Nightgowns

   I've been making my own cotton nightgowns for about 20 years.  The other day one of my old nighties started to shred as I was putting it away (it was 8 years old) and I knew it was time to make a couple of new nighties.

   The pattern I use is, now you will probably laugh at me, Butterick 6886, which is a maternity pattern.  It's really comfortable.  The pattern makes a sleeveless nightie and a robe.  The nightgown is really simple to make, the hardest part for me is the bias tape binding around the neck and arm holes because I make my own binding from the same fabric and that takes some time, but it looks really nice.

   I just ordered two fabrics to make my new nighties.  These fabric were on sale and will be perfect for my project.  I'll share the finished nightgowns when they are done.

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