Saturday, May 7, 2016

Birthday Kitties!

   Happy birthday to my kitty cats.  They turn 11 years old today.  My kitties are bengal litter mates and devoted to each other.

    Merlin is the oldest of the two and is a tri-color male.  He has lovely brown and caramel swirls in his fur.  His fur pattern is known as marble.  He weighs a little over 12 pounds.  He can be very vocal when he wants to wake me up to feed him in the morning.   Merlin doesn't sleep as much as his sister does and when he does sleep he likes to be by himself unless my lap is available.

    Taffy Morgana is brown spotted.  The rosettes in her fur pattern are very smudged and not as pretty and defined as some of the bengal cats out there.  Taffy usually comes in around 9.5 pounds.  Taffy loves her naps during the day and will lay down with me at night on the bed.  She will even get under the covers when she is really cold.

   They both have gorgeous black paw pads and light brown bellies with spots on them.  They are both fixed.  They are seven generations (F7) from the foundation cats so they have a very sweet nature.  They both like to drink from the kitchen faucet when I turn on a light steady stream.  They put their face under the water and let the water drip down the side of the face to their mouth.  It's fun to watch.

     They still play like kittens and love to chase each other back and forth through the house.  Taffy  likes to jump up on the top of the kitchen cabinets close to the ceiling.  Merlin doesn't go up there much any more.

   I gave them a little party this morning with their favorite wet food (Fancy Feast, any variety, or as it is known by cat people, kitty crack) for breakfast.

   Here is Merlin.

   Here is Taffy Morgana.

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