Saturday, May 14, 2016

Two Nightgowns Finished.

   I finished sewing the hem of the second nightgown about 30 minutes ago.  I washed the fabric last night and started ironing and pinning my pattern early this morning.  I didn't work on them all day today, I had some other things to take care of but most of the day was taken up with sewing.

   I was experimenting with a 1" bias tape maker (cutting the strips 2" wide) on the purple nightgown and that binding was a little too wide.  I fixed my problem on the pink nightgown and I cut my strips 1 1/2" and folded these by hand which was just as easy as making the bias tape with an iron.  These nightgowns are fun to sew.

   I received three more fabrics in the mail today to make three more nightgowns.  I will wash the fabric tomorrow.

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