Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Curtain Project

    I'm making new curtains for my dining room, living room, and bedroom.  When I moved into this house I bought ready made curtains because I didn't have time to make them myself, but now I have the time and I purchased some fun fabric to make them.

    This floral will go into the bedroom.  I currently have some dark green drapes in there and it makes the room really dark.  This fabric will definitely lighten up my bedroom.


    This fabric will go into the dining room and living room.  I can't wait to see it when the sun shines into it.

      I took Martha, my Bernina 1530, in for a check up at the local Bernina store.  I haven't had her serviced since spring 2011.  I've asked them to check the electrical cord.  There is a short in her electrical cord and sometimes when the cord is moved or jostled the machine turns off, then I have to jostled the cord some more to get the right position for it to turn on and then reset my settings.  So I hope the tech can fix this problem.  I should be getting her back in a couple of weeks.  


Ann said...

Cute fabric.

Jamie Bassett said...

I love the fabric choices- I think the yellow is super cheery!