Monday, August 31, 2015

My Introduction To Rag Quilts

    I bought some flannel.  Check out this cute, cute print.  It's called "Arctic Antics" by Debbie Mumm.  It wasn't on sale but I bought 9 yards to make myself a cozy rag quilt. This will be my first rag quilt.  I cut it up into 126 - 10" squares to make a 6 x 7 block rag quilt.  The cutting is done and now I just have sew an X in 42 - 3 layer blocks to secure the middle layer then I'll put them in 6 blocks rows, then sew the rows together all with 1/2" seams.


   I'll be back in a few days with the final quilt.  I should be done by Friday.  

1 comment:

Jamie Bassett said...

Cute Cute Cute fabric!! Can't wait to see it and cuddle up to it- DD