Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tea Stained Crocheted Scarf And The Start Of A New Quilt

   I finished my crocheted scarf made with size 10 thread.  It was very easy to make.   It's 50" long and 5" wide.  I tea stained it this morning and it is almost dry.  It's not a very good picture, but it gives you an idea.

   I started my new quilt project today as well.  I love these colors.  So pretty.   I've had this fabric for a few weeks now and I've been eager to start this colorful project.

   I'm celebrating my two year blogiversary on October 17th.  I planned a fun giveaway which will be opened on October 12th.  I hope lots of readers will submit comments and be eligible for the prize.  The giveaway will be open to everyone in the world.

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