Wednesday, January 6, 2016

She Who Sews Quilt Project Started

   Yesterday I finished the ugliest fabric basket ever made.  I'm not showing a picture because it's hideous.  The fabrics I used were too light in color and the shape is wrong.  I wanted round and I made it oval.  The good news is I still have lots of clothesline leftover so I can make another, I just won't be doing it anytime soon.  It is something I have been wanting to try but just didn't take the time to do before now.  I'm glad I tried it and I only spent $4.00 for the clothesline.

   I did make a start on the She Who Sews quilt.  I have decided that I will not be adding the disappearing hourglass star blocks to this quilt.  I only want the panel blocks and the yellow polka dot fabrics in this one.  Here are three of my favorite blocks framed.

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