Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year Resolutions (No Pictures In This Post)

  I made a few New Year resolutions.

  1.  Be more tolerant.  Don't jump to conclusions about situations or people and don't think the worst about people especially people you don't know.

  2.  Count my blessings.

  3.  Exercise more and eat better.  (I make this resolution every year).

  4.  Learn how to knit socks.

  5.  Keep my crafting area clean and materials organized.

  6.  Hand embroider more.

  7.  Crochet doilies.

  8.  Make lots of Christmas tree wall hangings.

The first three resolutions are pretty standard for me.  The others I wanted to write down as reminders during the year.

I only have two quilts planned for this year.  I'm getting a little burned out on quilting.  Cutting back on the quilting will give me more time to learn to knit socks.  I have my book, the yarn, and needles ready to start my practice pair of toe up two at a time socks.

I've already started to crochet doilies.  I made one last month with the help of a youtube video and I started a new pattern on Christmas day, but ran into a problem with the pattern.  I've been trying to contact the designer through Ravelry and Craftsy, but I haven't heard from her yet.

The fabric is selected for the Christmas tree wall hangings.  I picked up some red sequins and tiny red, green and white pom poms for embellishments.

I'm in the middle of making a really ugly fabric basket the kind you make wrapping fabric around clothes line.  I may or may not share it with you when it's finished.  Sharing depends on how it looks when I'm done.

I have the panel cut for the So She Sews quilt, I just have to cut the borders for the blocks and get sewing on that one.

I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow.

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