Monday, January 25, 2016

Fun Sewing - Triangle Pouch

     I just had to make a triangle pouch tonight.  I love The Crafty Gemini (Vanessa Wilson) and I have used a lot of her tutorials to make bags, pouches, and other projects over the last several years.  She is so cute and she does a good job explaining all the steps.  Here is a link to her youtube tutorial to make this sweet triangle pouch.  This cute little pouch is just big enough to hold my ipod and the usb cord for the car.  I would love to make more of these.  I have to get some more zippers in some pretty colors.  The cat fabric I used is Purrsnickitty by Terri Degenkolb of Whimiscals for Red Rooster Fabrics.  

   I had to so some fun sewing in between working on the polyester string quilt project.  This quilt is going to take a while to get finished.  I now have the binding and old backing separated from the top and I have mended all the seams that were coming apart.  As I was taking the poor thing apart all the paper towels that the maker used for stabilization of the strings came tumbling out.  I felt so sorry for this poor little quilt.  Tomorrow I will be making my backing and I should have it sandwiched by the end of the week.  The quilting will be tricky on this because a lot of these squares don't lay flat so I may have to do some big stitch hand quilting in some spots to get this quilted sufficiently.  Once I get it quilted I will have to deal with the wonky edges.  No two rows line up on the edges and it's an odd shape.  I hate to trim any of the fabric off, I'm hoping to try to bind it without cutting any of the quilt top.

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