Thursday, June 23, 2016

Time To Make A Backing Fabric Decision

    I've finished the fourth row of my Grandmother's Flower Garden English paper pieced hexagon quilt top.  I have to add three more rows and I will be done with the top.  Now that the top is over half way done, it was time to look for backing fabric and order my batting.


        The batting is an easy choice, I bought a twin size Heirloom 80/20 batting.  I love that batting and it's easy to get online from Connecting Threads (none of my local stores carry it, darn it).

        The backing fabric wasn't such an easy choice.  I had to decide on color, print or solid, and wide or regular width fabric.  I looked at lots of options and nearly drove myself crazy in the search.

         I picked a wide backing fabric with a floral design since it is a garden quilt top.  I like how the green and yellow match the path and center of my flowers in my top.  I  found this 104" wide print at Connecting Threads and ordered 3 yards, which will be more than enough for the back and binding.  I usually piece my quilt backs with blocks from the front of the quilt, but I won't be doing that with this quilt.  This quilt will have a plain back.

         I'm working on the fifth row now. I'll update this blog when I have that done.  See you soon.

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