Saturday, February 20, 2016

Knitting While Watching Knitting Video Podcasts on Youtube

   I'm still knitting on my practice socks.  I've started them several times and each time I start them the cast on gets easier and I understand it better.  I'm currently up to step 25, increasing for the gussets.   While I have been practicing these socks I've been listening to and watching knitting podcasts on youtube.  I've found a lot of neat stuff on youtube and it's where I go to get entertainment when I'm on the computer lately.

   Here's a picture of my progress currently.  Not much to look at, but I have been working on them, I'm just not in a hurry to finish, because I want to make sure I understand the construction and the knitting instructions so I can eventually knit real socks, not just practice.

    The knitting podcasts I found on youtube are videos and they are lots of fun.  It's like a little radio show that you can watch.  The hosts talk about what they are currently making and what yarn they are using. They discuss designs they are interested in or have created.  I've seen some lovely projects in the last week.  They may even have a guest that they interview.

  Here are the links to four knitting podcasts on youtube that I really like and the brand new quilting podcast that is being done by Mary and Marianne Fons.  The quilting podcast is audio only.

  Knitting:  Along the Lanes.  Link here.

  Knitting.  Kay Jones or Bakery Bears.  Link here.

  Knitting.  Susan B. Anderson.  Link here.

  Knitting.  Knitting Ex Pat.  Link here.

  Mary and Marianne Fons Quilting podcast called  "Quilt Your Heart Out."  Link here.

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