Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Modifications To Simplify

    I had to modify the braided ear warmer pattern to simplify it for me.  I just couldn't handle some of the fussy parts the designer wrote into her original pattern.  I love the strands of half double crochet so I kept those.  I ended up making 5 strands of the half double crochet, braiding them and joining the two ends with slip stitches.  It worked great.  I had the measurement from my original braided ear warmer and I now know how long each strand has to be to fit my head because the original stitch count in the instructions did not work for this yarn and I had to modify it to make it longer.

   I used a skein of Knitpicks Chroma Worsted in Mid Winter colorway.  I've had this yarn since 2011 (the colorway name has changed to Hollyhock, yuck) and I think this project was perfect for it.

   Here is my newest braided ear warmer.  Easier for me to make and just as cute. Just to let you know I did try to take a picture of me wearing this but it turned out really bad.  I think my head model does a nice job.


Jamie Bassett said...
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Jamie Bassett said...

LOOOOOVE this- so cute, the colorway is so pretty and it's just fun!
and I bet the pic of you was cute, too