Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Little Featherweight Maintenance

   I read a lot of posts on the Quilting Board about vintage machines and I learned about the vintage sewing machine bed cushions from the folks that refurbish vintage machines.  

    This morning I replaced the bed cushions on the bottom of my new Singer featherweight.  Two of the cushions was flattened on one side and all of them were very dry.  I also replaced the screws because I wasn't sure what condition the old screws would be in.  The old screws are in good condition. I'll keep them in my featherweight tool box for spares.  The machine will sit better on the table and the cushions will absorb some of the vibration from the motor.  This was an easy inexpensive fix.  

    I bought the new bed cushions and screws from  She specializes in vintage Singer machine parts.  

   The new bed cushions and screws are on top.


joanne w said...

Thanks for following me on bloglovin, I can see we have a lot of the same hobbies. Glad to see you're enjoying your featherweight. Mine is resting at present, but I need to give her some attention. Been piecing mostly on my Singer 301 these days.

Jamie Bassett said...

you are so smart, really nice fix