Friday, November 6, 2015

Scissor Collection

   This is my sewing scissor collection.  I only use these scissors to cut thread or fabric.  I love scissors.  I keep my 8" Gingher (the cheetah print scissors third from the left top row) and 5" Gingher scissors (first on the left second row down) at the sewing machine along with a pair of the thread clippers.  The large scissors with the pink handles are Fiskar pinking shears.  A couple of the small embroidery scissors live in my hand sewing box and the rest of the scissors are stored in my sewing tool box.

    I love Gingher designer series scissors.  Gingher decorates the handles with different designs to dress them up.  The pair of Cheeta that I have are really hard to find.  I bought them new 10 years ago.  I like to look through ebay once in a while to see what designs are out there.  Lots of the designs are floral and they each have a name like Julia, Jennifer, Emily, Leah, Sarah, Tessa, and Sophia.  Last week I found a new design, it is called Wren.  This design is being made in the 8", 5", and 4" size.  I have a pair of the 8" scissors on order.  I couldn't resist the cute design in purple.

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Jamie Bassett said...

LOL! too cute! quite a collection!