Friday, July 17, 2015

Quilt Decisions

    It always amazes me when I start a quilt how many options I have once the blocks are made.  With my disappearing hourglass I thought I wanted to just make as many blocks as I had fabric for and sew them all together into a quilt top without any border or sashing, but last night I decided to sash these blocks and put four patch cornerstones in the sashing.

    I went outside my comfort zone with my idea for the cornerstones, I normally would have gone with a solid grey or black, but I was thinking of a baby blue when I did my fabric search this morning.  I stumbled on this Laurel Burch fabric with stars in it and bought it for the cornerstones and the binding.  The sashing will be white.

    Here's a picture of the fabric I purchased and also a picture of a mock up of the sashing with the blue cornerstone using a similar fabric I had in my stash.

   I have about 30 more blocks to make so progress is slow but I should have the rest of the blocks made by the time I receive my fabric for the sashing and the cornerstones. 

   I have one more decision to make on this quilt and that is what to do for the back.  I've done some fabric searches for backing fabric but I can't commit to anything.  I'ms going to wait until this top is completely finished before I do another search for backing fabric.

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